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Tipping the Scales - High Quality Credit Spreads

FICC Podcasts 09 juin 2021
FICC Podcasts 09 juin 2021

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Dan Krieter and Dan Belton discuss the factors most likely to break spreads from current ranges including relative value, the Fed’s plan to sell SMCCF holdings, and technicals. They then discuss recent developments in the LIBOR transition, including the proliferation of BSBY and ARRC’s guidance that term SOFR will be available by early-August.

Transcript will be posted shortly.

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About Macro Horizons
BMO's Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities (FICC) Macro Strategy group led by Margaret Kerins and other special guests provide weekly and monthly updates on the FICC markets through three Macro Horizons channels; US Rates - The Week Ahead, Monthly Roundtable and High Quality Credit Spreads.

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Dan Krieter, CFA Directeur, Stratégie sur titres à revenu fixe
Dan Belton Vice-président - Stratégie sur titres à revenu fixe, Ph. D.

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